22 Nov

‘The Green League’ Sustainability Programme is finally here!

From Monday, our Elite, Advanced, Girls Centre of Excellence & Emerging Talent Centre participants, will be taking part in our first ever sustainability project, known as The Green League: Earth Missions!

How do I take Part?

Across the four weeks, participants will be completing nine different missions. These missions are based around saving water & energy, whilst going about your daily lives as young footballers! Therefore, all nine missions are relevant to you as young players, and everyone can take part!

The nine Missions will remain the same across the four-week period. Each week will begin on the Monday and end of the Sunday.

  • Week 1 – Monday 21st Nov – Sunday 27th Nov
  • Week 2 – Monday 28th Nov – Sunday 5th Dec
  • Week 3 – Monday 5th Dec – Sunday 11th Dec
  • Week 4 – Monday 12th Dec – Sunday 17th Dec

Across the week, the objective is for all participants to complete the nine different missions. At the end of the week, the players will need to complete the Mission Reports Submission Form, to record their good work!

Participants are only permitted to complete one entry per week. Therefore, we recommend doing this on the Sunday. Please note, Midnight Sunday is the deadline and any entries after the deadline won’t be counted!